One Room Challenge | Week Five

One Room Challenge Week Five


We are heading in to the final weeks of the One Room Challenge | Week Five and we are so excited with how things are starting to come together! If you happened to miss the beginning weeks of the One Room Challenge, head over to my previous posts for all the details: Week One, Week Two, Week Three and Week Four.  The list of items I wanted to accomplish for Week Four are listed below:

  • Finalize the door fronts for the DIY built-ins
  • Build bookshelves
  • Install the millwork on the walls
  • Start painting built-ins
  • Start shopping for the accessories
One Room Challenge Week Five


The millwork is going to make a huge difference in our master bedroom! I am so excited to see it installed. I started out with rough sketching it on paper to figure out the measurements for each section. Then used the measurements to figure up how many of the 9/6″ x 1-1/8″ x 8ft pieces we needed to purchase. We ended up needing 39 total for this project. I will be writing a separate post on this DIY millwork process once the One Room Challenge is complete.

Millwork sketch
Cutting Millwork Pieces
Cutting Millwork for One Room Challenge


We added the small trim border pieces on each of the eight door fronts and it looks really nice! Next, I filled in all the areas that needed wood filler, let that dry overnight and then sanded it down on Friday morning. They are all ready to be primed and painted.

Door Front for Built-ins


We are getting closer y’all. I don’t know what my hang up is on committing to the size and spacing of the shelves but by the end of the weekend I will have made up my mind and draw up a plan.

DIY Built-ins


Soooooo, I know that I have shown you the replacement vintage rug that I purchased. And, it is still a top contender. But when I was online shopping this week, I came across this beautiful rug and the size is absolutely perfect for our bedroom. It is 5’2″ x 12’4″ and the pattern and colors are super GORGEOUS! It will be here next week and I will make the final determination at that time. Keep an eye out on my Instagram Stories to see which one I select for the final reveal.

Vintage Rug
Vintage Rug


My goals for the One Room Challenge | Week Six:

  • Prime and paint door fronts for the DIY built-ins
  • Build, prime and paint bookshelves
  • Complete millwork on the walls
  • Decide which vintage rug to use

We are down to the wire friends! I am so happy with how things are finally coming together.

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