One Room Challenge | Week One

One Room Challenge - Main Bedroom Design by Kari Beckett Design


Eeekk — I’m starting my maiden voyage on this One Room Challenge® six week ride, I hope you follow along with me as I transform our main bedroom into a dreamy space.  What is the ORC you ask?  It is a twice a year (April and October) event with 20 featured designers and hundreds more guest participants who band together to support one another on completing a room update in their home or their client’s home. Each week taking followers along through all the ups and downs of completing a space in 6 short weeks. 

You can find all the details about this event and tons of design inspo from fellow participants of the One Room Challenge® by clicking this link.

If you are new to my site, Welcome!  So glad you are here.  I am Kari Beckett owner of Kari Beckett Design. I work with clients locally in Central Illinois and virtual clients nationwide to create beautifully curated interiors which are both functional and timeless.

I love neutral spaces with white walls. Although you may notice, throughout my designs, I enjoy adding moody, bold colors in smaller spaces too to create a blended, cohesive aesthetic. Vintage pieces are one of my ‘must-have’ elements to creating unique, eclectic designs –also injecting a bit of Modern Transitional style within each project.


Now on to the fun part – The Main Bedroom Concept Board:

One Room Challenge - Week 1 by Kari Beckett Design

Last year we transitioned from a queen size bed to a king size bed and let’s just say.  What a difference. Why did we wait so long?!  I have wanted to do a One Room Challenge® for quite some time. So, earlier this summer, I purchased the nightstands and lamps that are shown on my concept board because – well it’s 2020, and due to COVID, delivery times for furniture pieces have been delayed by several weeks. I wanted to be sure they were here in time for this event.

I will be painting the walls and trim, sourcing the artwork, rug, accent chair, bedding, pillows, hardware and all other items for the DIY portion of this project. The final product is going to be light meets dark and moody and I can’t wait to get started!


Here’s what the room currently looks like (unmade bed and all).  Kind of embarrassed to show you these since we have very little furniture in here and nothing on the walls. It is 100% lacking the KBD collected vibe that I like to infuse into all my projects – tho not for long!  It’s been several months now that we have had this bed but, like I mentioned before, I wanted to wait to participate in the One Room Challenge® this Fall to complete this space. 


In addition to the furnishings, I have a few DIY features I can’t wait to share using Clé tile, steel and a vintage Turkish rug.  Can you guess what they may be? These are going to be fun yet C-H-A-L-L-E-N-G-I-N-G and will require the help of my husband, Eric.  Very thankful to have a husband who is talented and always up to the task of building creations I dream up.


Here is a list of my goals to complete by the end of Week One:

  • Finish selecting paint color for walls and trim
  • Order the bedding
  • Order the rug
  • Paint the walls and trim
  • Build the frame for the ottoman

Are you as excited as I am to watch this room unfold? 

Follow along with me on my Instagram stories as I will be updating you with all the fun, behind the scenes, sneak peaks!

See you next week.

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With her love of both white walls, as well as bold colors in smaller spaces, she enjoys blended, cohesive aesthetics. Kari mixes in vintage pieces to create unique, eclectic designs. Kari injects a bit of Modern Transitional style in each of her projects, and the real magic happens when her clients trust her design eye expertise.

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