One Room Challenge | Week Four

Week Four ORC - KBD main bedroom


I can’t believe it’s already One Room Challenge | Week Four!! Crazy how the weeks keep flying by!  If you are new to my blog and have no idea what this One Room Challenge is all about, check out these posts for all the details: Week One, Week Two, Week Three.  The list of items I wanted to accomplish for Week Three are listed below:

  • Decide on/Install the tile
  • Complete door fronts for the DIY built-ins
  • Build bookshelves
  • Measure and create plan for millwork

Out of this list, I made the decision to go for it with the tile and installed all of it. We finished about 90% of the door fronts for the built-ins. The bookshelves are still not built or painted. I did design and purchase the the materials for the millwork. Let’s chat a little more in depth on what I accomplished with each item below. 


I don’t believe I’ve shown you the room layout of our main bedroom. Here is a very simple floor plan that I drew up showing the dimensions so you can get a feel for the layout and where some of the items will be placed.

Room Layout
One Room Challenge - Main Bedroom Design by Kari Beckett Design


Dang this has been more of a time suck than it should have been in determining whether or not I was going to install the tiles or not. I went for it and, at this moment in time, really liking the way they look on the wall in our bedroom. Each 2 x 2 piece is unique. No two colors are the same and even the thickness and size are different. That part I LOVE! There is something about having something that not everyone else has. Even if they buy the same Cle Tile (Zellige – Midnight Port), it won’t look exactly the same as mine.

What was great about these tiles is they arrived in perfect condition. Not a single one of them was cracked or broken. That’s pretty incredible! Installing them was also no problem. I actually find tiling very relaxing. Anyone else love to tile?

DIY tile wall
Tile Wall installation
Tile Wall Feature


Here’s a little peak at how we are doing on the DIY fluted door fronts. They are almost complete. We have just a small trim piece on each of them to install and they will be ready to start painting.

DIY door fronts


Nothing. I did nothing with the shelving for the project. My husband is still working long days for harvest so this Sunday we are going to work on building this feature on the wall. Thankful the One Room Challenge Gods extended the deadline for completion an additional week!! It’s still going to be lots of late nights getting this project to the finish line by the due date.


Please tell me I’m not the only one that shops online, in bed at 6:00am while everyone else in the house is still sleeping. Ha! That’s how I found this inexpensive dresser. The perfect size and finish that I have been looking for to add to this One Room Challenge design. It has already been shipped so it will arrive in time for the final reveal.

birch dresser


Above the dresser we will be installing this 32″ Samsung Frame TV (shown below – but not this artwork). This will be second Frame TV we have in our home. We love that you can display artwork on the screen so it doesn’t look like a tv at all when you aren’t watching. You can upload any digital prints that you have to it to showcase on your wall. We also purchased the brown Bezel frame that clips around the tv. There are several frame colors to choose from to fit your personal design style.

32 inch Samsung Frame TV
Samsung Frame TV


Here is a list of my goals to complete by the end of the One Room Challenge | Week Four:

  • Finalize the door fronts for the DIY built-ins
  • Build bookshelves
  • Install the millwork on the walls
  • Start painting built-ins
  • Start shopping for the accessories (the fun part!)

Wish me luck on getting these items finished. It’s crunch time – let’s go!!

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Until next time…

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