One Room Challenge | Week Six – The Final Reveal

Bedroom design by Kari Beckett

One Room Challenge | Week Six – The Final Reveal

Yay! We made it….just in the knick of time. I must say, this One Room Challenge | Week Six – The Final Reveal has been just that a MAJOR challenge but we did it! I’m going to skip a lot of the dramatic parts because let’s face it we don’t need any more drama in 2020…amiright?!

Let’s just get to what you are here for the final reveal of our master bedroom and all the pretty pictures.

One Room Challenge Final Reveal

The Built-Ins:

Here is a labor of love if I ever saw one. Everything on these built-ins are custom. From the fluted door fronts, to the Cle Tile wall and the paint color I had Sherwin Williams personalize to compliment the tiles. The bespoke color is called Beckett Marooned.

Built-ins with dark moody custom paint color

The Ottoman:

Oh how I love The Ottoman. This DIY was so fun to create and I’m so proud of how the ‘Look for Less’ dupe to the Shoppe Amber Interiors came together.

DIY look for less ottoman

I knew I wanted an ottoman like this in our space to have a place to sit while putting on shoes and whatnot plus a statement making piece to tie everything together in the room. I love the Chautauqua Bench on Shoppe Amber Interior’s website but $3,000+ just wasn’t in the budget for a bench for this particular project. When my husband said we could make one, I quickly set out to find a vintage rug perfect for the cushion.

We have decided we are now going to start taking orders to make custom ottomans. If you are interested in learning more, send me an email or DM me on Instagram and we can create a beautiful piece for your home as well.

The Millwork:

I can’t even describe the difference it has made by adding millwork to our bedroom. Like night and day different. It was no easy task to calculate the sizing and spacing of each section, all the cuts my husband made and then the time to hang it all. Adding millwork can be expensive to add to your home. Wood prices have gone up 150% due to Covid-19 shortages plus the cost of labor if you have someone else do the work for you.

I’m lucky that my husband can figure out just about anything I ask his help on. Once Eric was finished with installing the wood, he passed the job on to me to complete. I filled in all the nail holes, caulked all the seams and sanded everything down before giving it two coats of Sherwin Williams Emerald – Satin finish paint in Swiss Coffee.

DIY millwork for walls
Millwork Trim


I found several amazing pieces in my search for artwork for this project. I am always drawn to vintage looking works of art but I also love to mix in more modern pieces too. That’s where my eclectic style kicks in. If you’ve been around her for a minute you know I am not a believer in matchy matchy anything. I want all my designs to have a unique, one of a kind feel to them which is why I don’t shop at just one store or ever buy a bed in a bag. Each item I selected for the shelves, nightstands, bedding pairs well together but each could stand out on their own.

Even the artwork selected for our 32 inch Samsung Frame TV has a vintage style digital download. I chose the Bezel frame in brown to tie in with the rest of the design in this corner.

Samsung Frame TV with Collection Prints Digital Download Artwork

Furniture & Bedding:

We absolutely love our king size mango wood and cane bed. Not having a king size bed until recently, I’m not sure what we were waiting on but it’s a dream paired with this mattress. I was a little skeptical about purchasing a mattress online but we have had zero buyer’s remorse about it. Comfy, perfect support and excellent price point too.

Bedroom Furniture and Bedding

Our nightstands balance out our long narrow room and provide the perfect amount of storage all while checking off the “must look good” box as well.

Large Nightstands from McGee and Co.

For the lamps, I wanted matching (woa – I said it. Matching – ha!) table lamps on either side of the bed. Even I break my own rules sometimes. But these beauties are incredible.

Troy Lighting Sienna Lamp

The sherpa chair is super cozy and I will definitely be curling up in it to read a book when I need some quiet time from the rest of the family. This one I snagged at HomeGoods but here is a similar version.

Sherpa Accent Chair

Last but not least is the dresser. I found this cutie while browsing at 6am on a Sunday morning and this happened to pop up in my IG feed. It was 100% kismet. The price was perfect and even the size. There was nothing wrong with the vintage dresser I had but it was painted a dark blue and wasn’t going to fit in with the overall design plan I had for the rest of the bedroom. I bought this dresser from Kirkland’s but it is currently sold out. This dresser from Home Depot would also be a nice alternative at a great price.

Birch Dresser

The Rug:

If you’ve been following along on this One Room Challenge journey, you will recall the rug fiasco. I had ordered a Loloi rug sample in the new Giana line. On the website it looked navy and burgundy. When it arrived, it was purples and pinks. Nothing like the photo on their website. The quality and texture and price was excellent but the colors were just not right for this room.

Vintage Rug

I landed on this vintage rug I found on Etsy. To say I’m obesessed with it would be an understatement. It is soft, gorgeous and the exact size we needed in our room.

One Room Challenge |Week Six – Final Reveal

If you made it all the way through this post and this One Room Challenge | Week Six – The Final Reveal with me, THANK YOU!! It truly means so much that you follow along with my business and my posts. I hope they bring joy and spark some creativity within you.

If you aren’t up for or interested in the DIY aspects of the projects or if design isn’t your thing but you want a beautiful home to enjoy with your family and friends, I would love to help you create that environment for you. Shoot me a message or fill out my Design Questionnaire and I’ll be in touch to chat with you about the details.

I can’t wait to hear what you think in the comments below about our very first One Room Challenge. I hope you love seeing the reveal as much as I have enjoyed creating this space for the One Room Challenge.

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