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Oct 22

home office design ideas

Good Monday morning, Friends! Let’s get this day started by diving into my Home Office Design Board.

First, as you can see, I am including one of my go to staples in design:  area rugs. As of late, I have really been into layering rugs. I particularly like a very large rug to balance out the room.

Second, I layered a cream and tan faux cowhide rug. I have always been drawn to cowhide rugs because of their unique shape and texture. No two are the same which is another reason why they are so great!

Next, I chose a sleek black and brass desk. Without being overbearing, it provides plenty of work space. To keep the flow of the room open, I didn’t want a solid base on the desk. So, the metal legs and frame will help create a spacious feel to the area.

To compliment the desk, I selected a wood and linen swivel chair because I didn’t want the two pieces to be too “matchy-matchy”.

*If you have been following along with me for a bit, you have probably noticed I don’t like my designs to be overly coordinated. They are more eclectic in style but have a nice cohesive flow when mixed together. You will never see my designs with all the same fabrics, wood tones, hardware, etc. in one room. I take found items that are interesting to me and mix them up to curate an intentional design with a personal touch.*

Now, back to the Home Office Design Board. Don’t you think clients will appreciate the comfort that these two cream colored linen arm chairs will provide? I think they look very inviting.

Stacked between the arm chairs is a functional bookcase. It will provide lots of storage and a place to add your own personal touch to the office. Perfect for placing family photos, inspirational quotes, baskets and plants.

Finally, for functionality, as well as beauty, the leather and brass file holder is excellent for keeping your desk organized.

To be honest, I really need one of these gorgeous glass and metal globes on my own desk at home. Such a cool piece!

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Coupled with the photos above, items used in this design appear on the clickable links listed below.*

1.  arm chair  2.  bookcase  3. cowhide rug  4.  glass globe   5.  leather file holder    6. blue rug   7. desk     8. swivel office chair

As always, I would love to know what you think about this home office plan. If you have a favorite item from my home office design board, please share it with me in the comments below.

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Enjoy your week!


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